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Dana began his 29 year professional career as project architect at Morris Architects working in the design department. From there he has honed his skills while working on many large high-rise hotels and major renovation and expansion projects for the public sector as well as the private. Serving as production and CAD manager Dana was able to create a specialty in the construction and documentation process. Later while serving as an office liaison with the City of Houston he became knowledgeable about the process required to not only prepare documents, but to also provide services for site and facility investigation and documentation.


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  • Principal, Project Architect, QA / QC, Codes, and Details

  • University of Houston

         Professional Degree in Architecture


  • 31 total years of experience


  • Texas Architectural License – 2011

          License #22029​

The art and science of architecture has always fascinated me. Whether it is from the employment of light, spatial volumes, textures, or attention to detail I strive to impart to space and form those qualities that have an emotional impact on the user.

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Valerie has over 25 years of architectural experience with projects in various market sectors including hospitality, medical, commercial and educational. Her diverse project experience has allowed her to master various project types. Valerie has served as a project designer as well as a project manager which makes her able to adapt easily and brainstorm creative and logical solutions to multiple types of challenges. Working as a project manager for numerous projects she oversees all aspects of the design and construction documentation process of a building project. She is able lead the project team, organize, communicate and participate in progress meetings, monitor the process, quality and staff, direct and coordinate the work of staff and consultants.




  • Associate Principal, Project Manager, Project Designer

  • Texas Tech University

         Bachelor of Architecture


  • 25 total years of experience


  • LEED Accredited Professional - 2008

          U.S. Green Building Council

Architecture, when done well,

is where art and science meet.

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Ezgi leverages her 15 years of architectural experience in her role as Project Designer. She is actively involved in all phases of a project, from pre-design through construction administration. Ezgi also utilizes her schematic design expertise to meet client’s functional and aesthetically needs through strategically acquiring their programming concepts and conceptual ideas and effectively transforming them into workable environments. Her past design experience includes designing the interiors for various project types, ranging from diversified interiors for corporations, private companies, and high-end retail stores to residential developments and designs for numerous law firms.




  • Associate Principal, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Marketing

  • Texas A&M University

         Bachelor of Environmental Design


  • 15 total years of experience


  • LEED Accredited Professional – 2008 U.S. Green Building Council

It is our job as designers to help a space

speak its own language. Our clients are the ultimate conduits for that voice, as primary users of the design and the human piece that makes the puzzle complete.


Zain has been designing for over 4 years. He has graduated from Pratt institute and worked in the densely populated city of New York where the stringent building rules and codes made him well versed in designing varied types of residential and commercial spaces. Moreover, Zain has learned and honed the art of efficient fabrication techniques that create environmentally sensitive and responsive designs such designs include temperature and humidity control through low energy, smart façade systems. Zain has taken his wide range of design and has been part of projects that range from interior renovations to industrial and airport facilities.




  • Project Designer

  • Pratt Institute

         Bachelor of Architecture

  • University of Michigan

         Masters in Architecture - Material Systems

  • University of Houston

         Masters in Space Architecture

  • 4 years of experience

Veronica interned at Rottet studio for a year during her college career and has now started as a recent University of Houston Bachelor of Architecture Graduate at FS Group Architects. At Rottet studio she worked on multiple projects, many of them being interior design oriented. Veronica has most experience in the Hospitality industry, that being the main focus of the past projects she has worked on. She has also worked on the design and renovation of multiple offices. She has worked on a lot of different phases of the design process which makes her easy to work with. She will be assisting on many HAS related projects, working closely with both Hobby Airport and IAH. 


Project Designer

  • Project Designer

  • University of Houston

         Bachelor of Architecture

Architecture is all about experience. A beautiful building that gives no emotion to the people that experience it, is not a successful building. The people and the space need to be able to interact and create a balance.


V.S. Prasad has 30 years of finance & accounting experience across various sectors such as real estate hospitality, automobile, and shipping. Hes worked at the senior executive level for nearly 2 decades. Cash flow management, budgeting, and working capital negotiations are the core of his expertise. With strict cost measures, he has been instrumental in increasing profit levels and the net worth of stakeholders.

He has worked extensively in real estate as its challenging nature and demands for spontaneous decision-making have complimented his passion. He has always ensured to join organizations that enthrall him with their clear visions. FS Designs objectives and vision align with his interests. 



  • Finance Controller

  • University of Madras

         Bachelor of Commerce

  • 30 total years of experience

A company’s balance can be determined from its balance sheet. I work to ensure that balance.