F S Group Architecture & Planning was founded with the sole desire to create “Lasting Value” for our clients through “Smart Design”. Two decades & several awards later, F S Group is staying true to its mission.


F S Group Architects is comprised of licensed Architects and Interior Designers

Our client-centered focus and design-build expertise has lead us to become well-known leader in the AEC industry. We are a recognized expert in designing practical, cost-effective, and attractive facilities for hospitality, corporate, retail, residential, mixed-use, municipal projects, and medical facilities.

F S Group Architects has gained the confidence and loyalty of a diverse group of satisfied clients in the City, County, Aviation, Healthcare, Single Tenant Development, Institutions & Corporations.

Effective programming, expertise in state of the art unique designs, and efficient use of resources and quality materials has remained the hallmark of F S Group Architects.

F S Group Architects team members have experience and expertise in helping develop projects successfully. Their team and their methodology of programming, planning, sketching, designing, and developing the details and drawings and specifications thoroughly is the secret to delivering successful projects for clients. F S Group’s team is technologically innovative and are leaders in BIM on platforms such as MicroStation / 3D Aecosim besides Revit & AutoCAD and extensive parameter development and extensive GIS coordination.


To Create a Unique Experience & Brand for the Business, its Team and its Patrons.


F S Group Architects was founded in 2001 with the sole desire to create lasting Value for our Clients through DESIGN

For the last 20 years our team at F S Group Architects has remained true to its mission and created Lasting Value for numerous clients in a wide range of industries. From Healthcare to Educational to Corporate and Industrial Projects. This Lasting Value has been created through intelligent planning, efficient constructability, smart choice of materials and finishes, place making graphics and design, smart value engineering, and environmentally smart choices which lead to satisfied and successful clients who appreciate our services.


To infuse Positivity & Encouragement into everything we do to help bring Thoughtfulness, Care, Peace & Love in this world.


I engaged Mr. Sabir to design my new medical office building after I was displeased with the design that our General Contractor presented as part of his design-build proposal. Sabir presented his new design with a large circular building lobby with a large skylight which filled the space with magnificent natural light. The exterior is a nice rose colored brick stucco combination with large windows that was taken from the rice university buildings. The building design is very professional and appealing. FS Group also designed the interiors of the medical suites by creating a standard for the medical Architects build-outs to maintain quality and uniformity. The Nuclear Camera Clinic, EECP, and the CAT Scan Lab have been designed and executed very professionally and to a very high design standard. FS Group Architects brought high design standards and quality at a very reasonable price and we appreciate their hard work.

Dr. Mandi (Cardiologist)





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